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The value of good posture – One2One New York Gym

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New York Gym Gym – What types of weight training help improve posture? Much of what you do at One2One will have a positive influence on posture, either directly or indirectly. In particular, consider doing training exercises that involve the trapezius muscles. The traps, which extend from the base of your skull across your shoulder blades, are responsible for keeping your shoulders down, which tends to elongate the neck.  When properly trained, the traps bring the shoulder blades together and down, improving posture. []

So, how does posture influence another person’s perceptions of us? We notice when someone exudes confidence and self-assurance, or the lack of these qualities. Physically, we can see this reflected in the way they carry their body. We notice—but perhaps not consciously—the way the spine is held upright, keeping the neck and head well-balanced, the chest pronounced and the abdomen flat, the legs balanced and the torso supported. As observers, we naturally register positive projections toward those with good posture. This diminishes when a person habitually favors one side of the body or another while standing, or leans on objects for support, or generally gives way to gravity, as these suggest lassitude, dependence, and a lack of discipline.

Correcting bad posture requires a bit of vigilance. You can do the important strength work with your at One2One New York Gym, but you also have to make good posture habitual, becoming aware of your body while sitting and standing over the course of the day. Each time you notice your body slumping or slouching, straighten up. You can use visual imagery to your advantage to add a psychological boost. Think back to a time when you felt supremely confident—a performance of some kind that went really well, perhaps, where others were openly showing you their appreciation. Go there. Imagine it as clearly as possible and see how it affects your body.

Good posture is an integral part of good health, and therefore it makes sense to cultivate it. It also makes you attractive! And the effort is minimal considering the many benefits.

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Mog C.
New York, NY
I've worked with a number of trainers over the years and I've never had one who did such a great job. Aaron is pretty booked these days but there are many other trainers that work here and it's worth checking out in the hopes you find someone as awesome as Aaron.
Koko H.
New York, NY
This is a brand new personal training gym. It's small but has the latest equipment, really everything you need and most of the time it's not crowded at all. The rates for personal training and for monthly membership are very reasonable. In comparison, NYSC (where I have a membership and did a few sessions of PT) is a ripoff. (I really appreciate the little things at one 2 one, like decent toiletries and soft towels! I'm so sick of those scratchy towels at NYSC!)
lisa n.
New York, NY
For me, picking a trainer is like picking someone to date. And since I spend more time with trainers than with guys I've dated, I've always wondered why they have such an awful system in gyms. You sit with a "Membership Advisor" who is really just a sales rep and there's this sort of matchmaking exercise except that you dont have any choice until after you've paid your money for the session. I saw the promotion forone 2 one on Lifebooker (which is a great site) and I loved the idea that I could pick a trainer for myself based on their pictures and bios on the website.
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